vic_basileus-210x210Howdy Again My Brothers,

Thank you for a second term as Basileus.  I am humbled and honored to serve as Pi Phi’s “Face of Omega” in the 18th largest US city.

I still say “Howdy” to greet Good Honest Folk, just as my Dad (our Brother Hon. Ben Williams of Epsilon Epsilon 1956 at Benedict College, Omega Chapter 2001) said when greeting the good honest folk of South Carolina.  Good Honest Folk and Omega go hand in hand based on my experiences with the Brothers from my 5 favorite cities in the World: Columbia, Charleston, Charlotte, Hampton, and Washington DC.  (there truly are no places I love more!!)

Pi Phi will always be the Centennial Chapter of Omega Psi Phi and I’ll “gently” build on that success rendered by our Basilei and my predecessor 41st Basileus Joachim “Joe” Rogers (Kappa Spring 1992, Syracuse University).  My Vision continues to leverage the thought leadership from perhaps our country’s most “social conscious” President John Fitzgerald Kennedy…

“Ask not what Omega can do for you…But what you WILL do for Omega”

Ok I changed the verb to a future present tense to demand the Brothers do what is right for the greater good; via your gift of scholarship, share it on behalf of Omega.  Scholarship is the tariff citizens pay into the greatest economy and country in the World.

The U.S. is the best because collectively, WE are the SMARTEST!!  I demand Omega Brothers carry their 2nd Card wherever they endeavor so that all will know Omega Men are Scholarship Men.  Bring “ye olde” scholarship…there is nothing we will not accomplish!!

Bro. Victor Lorne Williams CPA
The 42nd Basileus of Pi Phi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.
Gamma Epsilon Spr. 1990 (Hampton University)