1927-1928 W.H.A. Booker*
1929-1941 S. Herbert Adams*
1942-1943 L.P. Harris*
1944-1945 Fred Alexander*
1946-1947 A.E. Spears*
1948-1949 Walter G. Byers*
1950-1951 B.D. Roberts*
1952-1953 John Moore*
1954-1955 Gordon Wilkins*
1956-1957 S.P. Woodard*
1958-1959 Thomas H. Wyche*
1960-1961 Zoel Hargrave*
1962-1963 Gerson L. Stroud*
1964-1965 Oren McCullough*
1966-1967 William H. Yongue*
1968 J. Arthur Twitty* (passed in office)
1968-1969 Alexander Byers*
1970-1971 Calvin Brown Esq (p)
1972-1973 Joseph Harper, III*
1974-1974 Frederick Ervin (p)
1975-1975 Isaiah Tidwell
1976-1977 O’Dell Robinson (p)
1978-1979 O.N. Freeman*
1980-1981 James Richardson*
1982-1983 Marshall Smith*
1984-1985 Tony Singletary*
1986-1987 Greg Austin
1988-1989 Joseph W. Scott*
1990-1991 Dr. Melvin Pinn Jr.
1992-1993 Jimmie Gist (p)
1994-1995 Al Williams (p)
1996-1997 Tennyson Johnson, Jr. (p)
1998-1999 Greg Massey (p)
2000-2001 George Bradshaw*
2002-2002 Roosevelt Gary
2003-2004 Sam Reid (p)
2005-2006 Marvin Jeffcoat (p)
2007-2008 Edwin Benjamin
2009-2010 Patrick Graham
2011-2012 Willie Ramey (p)
2013-2014 Joe Rogers (p)
2015-2016 Vic Williams (p)
2017-Rayshion Sashington

(p) Pictured in Basilei Photograph
* Brothers transitioned into Omega Chapter



Being appropriate in character and marked by moral excellence, courage; bravery; and resolve


Demonstrating an attitude toward education, learning and being informed by achieving or exceeding and maintaining the minimum educational requirements of the fraternity.


Exhibiting a “spirit” of brotherhood, togetherness, humility, cooperation, and a willingness to go an extra mile for the goal sought, as a responsible first-class citizen.


Sharing ones gifts with the community in the form verifiable aid, activism and leadership.

December 2015 Pi Phi Advisory Committee (Basilei)


Sitting: Brown, Ervin, Robinson, Williams, Gist, Williams

Standing: Rogers, Massey, Ramey, Jeffcoat, Johnson, Reid

Not Pictured: Tidwell, Pinn Jr., Austin, Gary, Benjamin, Graham