Stanley Herbert Adams * 1st Sixth District Rep. 1935—1943

Stanley Herbert Adams *
1st Sixth District Rep.

On January 27, 1927, the District Representative, S. Herbert Adams, established Pi Phi Chapter in Charlotte, North Carolina. The chapter members were W. H. Booker, Basileus; E.H.Hunt, Vice Basileus; S. Herbert Adams, Keeper of Records and Seal; Thomas Long, Keeper of Finance; G. W. Brown, F. J. Anderson, Sterling I. Hogans, A. E. Fortune, Harry O. Walker, R.R. Anderson, W. E. Harris, L.A. Yancy, R. L. Douglas, and W. H. Pearson.

As the thirty-ninth graduate chapter in Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Pi Phi assisted in the formation of parent-teacher organizations and in urging Black people to vote. Pi Phi was the host chapter of the Grand Conclaves in 1968 and 2002. The 2002 Conclave has been touted as the Greatest Conclave in the history of the Fraternity.

Pi Phi has had rosters totaling over two hundred brothers and it continues to grow. The chapter parallels the International Organization in that it has brothers representing all areas. Included are educators, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, bankers, minsters, college presidents, judges, state and local politicians, Armed Forces and engineers.

Like the population in general, Pi Phi has an increasing number of brothers who are retired. This group of brothers continues to be active in the chapter and serve many roles in volunteering their expertise with the community. Since paying for our Fraternity house, the chapter has expanded its presence in the community and has completed extensive renovations to the property.

Pi Phi was the District Graduate Chapter of the Year for nine consecutive years beginning in 1978. Brothers Gardner Brown and R. Douglas Spears, Sr. were responsible for putting the scrapbooks together during those nine years.

Over the seventy-five years there have been too many achievements, accomplishments, awards, honors, and accolades for the chapter to list in this limited overview. However, let it be known, that the current generation of members have kept the Cardinal Principles of the Fraternity (Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift) and the ideals and goals of the Founders (Dr. Ernest E. Just, Professor Frank Coleman, Dr. Oscar J. Cooper, and Bishop Edgar A. Love) since November 17, 1911 alive and resounding in Pi Phi Chapter.

History has it that the city of Charlotte and the County of Mecklenburg felt the impact of Pi Phi from day one (Jan 27, 1927) and as a result has become the rich and glorious environment that we now enjoy.